Nov 25

Non-Traditional Schools Can Be Energy Efficient, Too!

We often get asked: “What type of district can benefit from the SEE Program?” Our answer: ANY and ALL!

We have worked with districts large and small; urban, suburban and rural; in our home state of Minnesota and out-state; in traditional public schools and non-traditional schools alike. What we have found is that every school that makes a commitment to SEE has the potential to be successful.

Whether you are a single-building private school, large public district or intermediate school, , behavior-based energy conservation programs can fit your needs. Because we focus on the people and unique aspects of each of your buildings rather than the mechanical infrastructure, we can customize conservation strategies in ways that other programs don’t.

Check out how one non-traditional school district saved money and reduced energy:

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Nov 19

How Long Should an Energy Program Last? Case Study: South Washington County Schools

When a district first begins working with us, they often ask: How long should we plan on implementing SEE? The truth is, the answer is up to you! We often advise that a two-year minimum commitment is where you start. This is to ensure that all departments and buildings in your district have a chance to be integrated into the program, that all of the proper groundwork is laid and that the culture of energy conservation has a chance to truly take hold. From there, though, the sky is the limit!

We have districts that have implemented the program for the initial two years and then made the decision to continue their energy conservation efforts on their own. We also have districts that have stayed with the program for more than 10 years! These districts have recognized the significant cultural and financial benefits of maintaining a connection with SEE’s proven change process, our consultants, and our resources.

Read about one district that stayed with the SEE program for seven years and continued to find more and more ways to conserve!

South Washington County Schools reduced energy use by nearly 22% and avoided more than $3 million in energy costs.

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Sep 22

Green Apple Day of Service

This year’s Green Apple Day of Service will take place on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014.

What is the Green Apple Day of Service? Started by The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the goal of the Green Apple movement is to “give individuals, companies and organizations the opportunity to transform all our schools into healthy, safe, cost-efficient and productive learning places.”

The Day of Service is a volunteer-based event that includes schools all over the world!  Individuals plan their own unique events around sustainability, recycling, energy conservation, recycling and more.  Events could include campus clean ups, planting gardens, creating signs, recycling drives or anything your community can come up with!

Ready to get involved?  Head to the Green Apple website and search for events in your area, or register your own project!

green apple day of service

Sep 17

FREE Teacher Training from the MN Green Schools Coalition

The USGBC Minnesota’s Green Schools Coalition is offering a FREE teacher training opportunity around climate and energy curriculum.

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Aug 10

Getting Public Recognition for Your Energy Conservation Efforts

Most districts choose to participate in an energy conservation program to help reduce energy use and costs. But there are many other benefits to participation, including the opportunity achieve public recognition for your efforts. .

All of our districts become ENERGY STAR® Partners just for participating in the SEE Program, and with that comes some pretty

incredible award opportunities! Virtually all SEE districts have been recognized as Energy Star Leaders, acknowledging their district-wide superior energy efficiency.  In addition, SEE schools have received 94 Energy Star Certifications (formerly known as the Energy Star Label). This recognition helps districts showcase their commitment to energy efficiency and wise use of taxpayer dollars.


One of our districts, Cambridge-Isanti, ended up being recognized by Energy Star as the first district in Minnesota to achieve a 30% reduction in energy use. Read more about how they did it:

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